Extreme Weight Loss Methods

26 Mar

Most common suggested weight loss methods by doctors or healthcare professionals are controlling diet and exercise. But as most of us know that losing pounds of weight is not so easy, it takes time and gradually decreases. Many of us don’t have the patience and go for extreme weight loss methods. In this fast world many of us think for fast result like fast foods. People take extreme steps to lose weight too quick which is too dangerous or in other word we can say life threatening. Mostly we see women with passion and sometimes pressure to lose weight and they go to an extent of compromising their health.

Types of Extreme Weight Loss Methods:

  1. Surgery: There is several kind of weight loss surgery available now a day.
  • Restricting Stomach: This kind of surgery deals with restricting stomach size. Suppose a normal stomach can hold 3 pints of food. Then after surgery the same stomach may hold an ounce later it can increase or stretch to 2 or 3 ounces. This is the technique which says ‘less space in stomach so less input or eating and because of less eating or holding capacity losing weight.
  • Gastric Banding: This is quite a bit similar with above but exact. In this kind of surgery an inflatable band is used to squeeze the stomach and make two sections an upper and lower section. An upper section is little smaller and lower part is little larger and both the sections are connected to each other.

This gastric banding technique restricts physically the food taken in one time & it demands the soft and well-chewed food. In general we can say a person can eat 1/4th part of a plate at a time. But again to remind you these are extreme weight loss methods.

This gastric banding has several brands with its own pros. & cons. Only we can assume is high risk. Choosing these extreme ways of weight loss is not suggestible for everyone. But the people those who go for these kinds of extreme weight loss methods should know the pros. and cons of these methods in details. There are several other methods available in market but going for extreme weight loss methods instead of natural process is one kind of warning for our body. Reading weight loss surgery reviews and enquiring healthcare professional’s experience, knowledge and if possible any weight loss surgery’s results will be helpful to decide for these kinds of techniques. As proverb says “don’t take risk” or “don’t copy anybody but be as you are”.


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