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Fat Loss Supplements by Summer (Part 3)

25 Apr

Green Tea: It is naturally derived from green tea leaves, rich in anti-oxidants specially in green tea catechins(GTC), help fight off free radical damage; at the same time gives good result in weight loss. Green tea is available in different form like pill, powder or in tea. It can be taken as hot or cold.

Green tea helps in increasing fat oxidation and also metabolism. Research has found that green tea contains catechin polyphenols because of that metabolism can be increased around 4%. And also for catechin polyphenols ingredient it increases fat oxidation and thermogenesis. It also helps in suppress appetite.

Other benefits: Green tea also keeps blood sugar level stabilized especially after having meal. This helps in slowing down insulin spike as well as fat storage. Green tea also a diuretic, helps your body to excreting excess fluid.

Types of Green Tea Extracts:

Strong infusions: During this process green tea leaves are soaked in the aqueous solution of alcohol. It contains about 2% w/w. (w/w – It is used in chemistry to describe the concentration of a substance in a solution. 2% w/w means mass of the substance is 2% of the total mass of the solution ).

Dry Extracts: After strong infusion have been processed to 40-50% solids where catechin component is above 25% w/w, they are sprayed then became dehydrated powder and extract. The remaining part like water content which is less than 5% w/w and the extract is processed more as powder and suitable for several purpose like tablet, dry mixes, capsules etc.

Soft Extracts: To get soft extracts, strong infusion is further concentrated to 20-25%. In this Catechin content is almost 20% w/w.

Partly Purified Extracts: This is the form of more purified content like solvent extraction, membrane extraction and separation etc. These techniques are used to get higher content of catechins.

Uses: To get full benefit 3-5 cups a day is recommended. Those who have problem getting 3-5 cups a day can use green tea supplement or green tea extract.

In chemistry term antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogen and anti-radiation are the main properties of green tea. Green tea extract provides stronger antioxidant protection for human. This anti-oxidant majorly helps in weight loss.

Over All: Green tea is so much helpful for weight loss as well as in other aspects of our body. So gaining knowledge in this regard will be much helpful for your weight loss program. Reading green tea reviews for the weight loss could be the best thing you ever do. Keep your eye on the ingredients of any product before buying them.


Fat Loss Supplements by Summer (Part 2)

24 Apr

Another great supplement is citrus aurantium. In this part we will see what is citrus aurantium?, What it does for us in weight loss? How much would be the intake amount? What are the side effects we may face?

Citrus Aurantium for Weight Loss

Read more on Citrus Aurantium

Citrus Aurantium: This has been known as the next best thing to use after caffeine for fat loss. Those who are looking for citrus aurantium on ingredients section of a product might notice the common name of it as ‘bitter orange’. This is very much similar to ephedrine or synephrine in the form of fruit. This is an alkaloid compound named synephrine. Mostly gives good thermogenic effects that help in weight loss.

What it Does?: Synephrine is a good catalyst that promotes weight loss. It suppress appetite, boosts energy levels, increases metabolism etc. It provokes the beta 3 receptors that help in breaking down fat. Consuming citrus aurantium as juice, fruit or any other way several times or before eating will reduce the amount of food you take as meal. So less food intake means fewer calories that will cause weight loss.

The compound can also excite the metabolic process in human body. The increase of metabolism allows the body to burn more fat in short span of time. As a result it shows way to faster muscle conversion, weight loss, increase energy level and higher calorie burning than before.

It is found that alkaloid from citrus aurantium is similar to caffeine and both are beneficial to weight loss. This citrus aurantium is natural and have no side effects.

Dosage: It can be taken up to 70-100mg daily in any form like juice, fruits or pill. This can be split in three dosage before food. A synthesized pill contains 20-40mg. A glass of bitter orange contains about 27mg of synephrine.

The people with cardiovascular complications can take suggestion from their doctors for better result.

Motivation: Losing Weight is not so hard if you are determined and focused on your diet, physical activity and weight loss supplements. Every morning start with juice and get excited for the race you are going to win.

All in All: Read more on citrus Aurantium (Synephrine) for the depth knowledge on this particular weight loss supplement. More you read reviews more you will be confident on this product. Taking more amount of it may cause side effects. To stay protected and harmless, these reviews on citrus Aurantium weight loss supplement will help a lot. Before purchasing any weight loss supplements be assured of the ingredients composed in that product.

Fat Loss Supplements by Summer

22 Apr

Show yourself to your love one! Weight loss supplements result…


Know more on Caffeine Supplements

After having so many of the diet pills and weight loss supplements choosing the right way to shed off the fat is big question? Yes, hard work with determination in gym weight training, aerobics and cardiovascular exercises are the necessity.

“One hand clap is not possible”: – philosopher

Along with those good diets maintenance is very much important for weight loss. When those are just not enough, weight loss supplement is the next door. There are different ingredients that help putting off excess fat you might have gained in previous seasons.

Different product like Fat Blocker, Carb Blockers, Thermogenic Fat Burners, Cortisol Products, Stimulant-Free Fat Burners, Thyroid Hormone Increasers to Appetite Suppressants and many others are available in market. Ask yourself What is the best for me? Next find out the answer……

Every human body reacts in different way to different products. So don’t try everything that you hear from people. Here I will try to give you few suggestions that may help you subtract un-necessary options from your list and heading forward to summer weight loss goal.

Caffeine: It comes from many sources- some of them are from coffee, soft drinks or soda, tea, energy drinks etc.

Tea contains about 14mg to 50mg of caffeine depending upon the type. Coffee contains from 90mg to 250mg of caffeine depending upon the type and soda also contains 35mg of caffeine.

While dieting selecting caffeine supplement is tricky. All the choices above have calories and few of them put significant increase of calories per serving depending upon types, which will not help you in losing weight. If you are watching your calories and trying to be away from all sugar found in tea or coffee than careful on taking in small amount.

Caffeine not only help in weight loss but gives more energy and also helps suppress your appetite. Apart from all these, it also a diuretic that help exude excess body fluid whole day.

Caffeine Supplement helps you keeping mentally active which is greatly helpful during workout. This also prevents your muscle from fatigue during hard work out and allows you to push harder than normal.

Dosage: Except pregnant women anybody can easily take up to 250mg of caffeine per day. Anything more than required will be a cause of harmful problem.

Choosing the right weight loss supplements would be difficult for you but after reading so many reviews and details of particular ingredients you can go ahead with full confidence. Weight Loss is not so easy for some people and not so hard for some people. All the best for great summer!

Weight Loss Supplements: Know More

16 Apr

Weight Loss Supplements

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How weight loss attached to your physical and emotional health?

Yes, both are attached to you and you can differentiate the feeling of being fit or fat. Losing fat could be the slow process. Maximum number of American adults uses diet pills or supplements to improve weight loss by choosing the products that claims to increase metabolism, block fat absorption and decrease appetite. The most studied and researched weight loss supplements are available in market that can help during diet plan.

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Fiber
  • Calcium
  • Conjugated Linoleic acid (CLA)
  • Weight Loss Drug
  • Meal Replacements

Weight Loss Supplements: Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is loaded with healthy antioxidants and also helps in losing weight. Regular consumption can advance weight loss by adjusting extra fat cell and bringing them in usage by converting into energy. The components like theanine, caffeine and catechins of green tea has shown good effect for weight loss.

Catechins is also works as anti-inflammatory, also affects cholesterol level and fat. Scientists said that catechins in green tea not only burns calories but also lower LDL cholesterol and help reduce body fat. As per the study at least 4 cups a day is recommendation.

Weight Loss Supplements: Fiber

Fiber is one of the well-studied and researched topics in weight loss. It is general name for certain carbohydrates, found in plants and vegetable. The National Academy of Science Institute of Medicine recommends below




Under age of 50 38 grams per day
After age of 50 30 grams per day


Under age of 50 25 grams per day
After age of 50 21 grams per day
Most of the people don’t get full amount of fiber.

     We can categorize fiber in two main types, Soluble and insoluble and combined, named as total fiber. Soluble fiber shows good result in lowering cholesterol level.

Weight Loss Supplements: Calcium

From childhood you might have studied that calcium is vital for bones but also can help in weight loss. Research and studies are not concluded yet. Few results have seen for weight loss.

Weight Loss Supplements: Conjugated Linoleic acid (CLA)

 Researcher said that CLA supplements help lose weight. How and what ingredients is complicated to explain. CLA may help decreasing the amount of fat in body, however it doesn’t seem lowering BMI. There is not much evidence to show.

In Total: Weight Loss problem is not a big issue. You can achieve your dream body shape in few months according to your dedication. Reading more reviews on each supplements and knowing in details might help you choose the best for yourself.

Belly Fat Exercises

12 Apr

Everyone dreams to reduce belly fat but most of them don’t know how exercise really helps to reduce belly fat. Except diet pills, Weight loss supplements or diet plan, there are numerous ways to compress or burst the big balloon that seems to be impossible. 1 – Belly dancing

Belly dance for Weight loss

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exercise is one of the best way to slim down the big fat belly. Doing this is extremely fun and the same time very much helpful burning fat. One session of belly dance workout can help you burn approx. 500 calories. Health care statistics says if you want to lose 1lb a week then 500 calorie need to be burnt per day.

2 – Another good exercise for fat belly is jogging, which slim you down. Jogging while heart bit rate is up and giving well work out to lungs. This also helps in reliving from

Jogging for Weight Loss

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stressful life and making active and ready to work whole day. Jogging helps burning fat from belly as well as whole body. All most every part of your body participates while running or jogging.

3 – Zumba, yes this is Latin based dance exercise which is easy to follow having lot of fun. Attending Zumba classes weekly once or twice can help you pull down maximum amount of fat from belly those are un-necessarily stored by the body. Benefits: One zumba class help you burn approx. 900-1000 calorie. For women 400-500 calories of daily diet and 700 calorie for man. As per the last part of 1st paragraph we know 500 calorie need to burn per day.

If you just analyze this then, doing crunches is less effective than zumba fat burning exercise. Crunches won’t burn fat completely. So first you need to burn fat and then crunches can help you build toned abs. You need to think before wasting energy in crunches that won’t give results. 1st do fat burning exercises like jogging or swimming, sit-ups or aerobics to get good abs.

4 – Swimming is also a great way of getting rid of lower belly fat. You can utilize this mostly on summer season. You can do several exercise by keeping you hydrated. Swimming also helps other part of the body rather than midsection. Swimming helps legs and arms, build lungs endurance to hold breath longer.

Swimming for weight loss

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All these belly fat exercise help you cut down extra calories. But don’t expect to do everything in one day. Cutting down fat takes time, have patience. Maintaining healthy diet or taking weight loss supplements may add advantage for your weight loss plan. Precaution is doing all these in proper manner helps or else damages you.

Weight Loss Supplements Reviews

9 Apr

Now, people mind set is like looking perfect means you have to look slim or thin. In the same way overweight is something that makes people think themselves insecure. As a result of this thinking pattern people find themselves taking several weight loss supplements or products and enrolling in different weight loss programs. Different people have different opinion and problem according to their situations but everyone’s ultimate goal is to lose weight and reduce the fatness from their body.

Go for Weight Loss Supplements or Gym:

Weight Loss Supplements

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Several people those who can’t afford weight loss programs organized by different health organizations, gyms, clubs, they force themselves to go for other way like diet pills or weight loss supplements. In the same time there are so many dietary supplements available in today’s market. All of them claims to be best in result, having natural ingredients that gives good result in our body & all these talks makes confusion in choosing the right product. So prior to select any given product we need to read or consider weight loss supplements reviews.

Reading review is suggestible to everybody those who wanted to buy any weight loss products to have clear information or idea about the product and to know which product suits specific types of body. All the weight loss supplements pills advertise themselves as the best in market and having right formulae in their products. This is where reviews plays key roll, helping people to make correct decision.

There are several websites providing dedicated services to provide you the reviews of particular product. And also there are few website that will ask you to sign up to get weight loss supplements reviews samples. Many companies offering these free services and offers to send mostly to their potential customer and also sometime sample bottle expecting that consumer will try that product and like it. If they likes the product or formulae eventually they purchase the same supplement from same vendor.

If you are giving trial to any kind of weight loss supplements or products, it is important to know that maximum number of companies do not give 100% of free trial. Very often company asks for shipping charge or handling charge even though sample bottle would not be charged to consumer. As per consumer, shipping charge is less than product charge and this factor will make consumer to buy that product.

The advantage of signing up for weight loss supplements reviews is you can have own experience.

Weight Loss With Few Great Ideas

8 Apr

So many times we only concentrate upon one part like maintaining calories and forget about physical activities. In general many people feel burden to do activity or exercise and great ideas forms because of them. So let’s consider few things before we know different ideas: –

  • You need to have determined heart and mind to lose weight
  • Making yourself so desperate that ready to do anything
  • Find a routine exercise that also includes fun
  • Plan for every day and at least more 1 hour or more than that
  • Do exercise to have better healthy body and to feel good with smart looks

We only think that exercising means going to gym and doing hard work etc. But there are several activities that can help you doing exercise without realizing it. If you like to play golf then you would be carrying the clubs instead of golf cart.

All we need to do is to think few activities that gives us fun and includes physical activity; dedicate yourself for an hour to that game or whatever that is. Going to gym is very good but other activities also there that we can enjoy.

  1. Dancing is also one of the good ways of exercise with fun. You will get chance of socialization and making new friends. There are several types of dancing that includes physical activities like salsa, line dancing, street dance, Ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, modern, ballroom and swing etc.
  2. Going for walk is also a great idea to put off unwanted weight from your body. Because it is cool way of weight loss without exercise.Weight Loss Supplements While walking just keep in mind that you have comfort shoes so that you could increase your walking speed day by day.
  3. Few basic exercises or you can say traditional exercises would be also great idea for weight loss. And these exercises takes short time so no need to worry about time. Running is one of the classic example for compound exercise. This includes every part of the body. Likewise you can think of several other compound exercises for weight loss. E.g. tricep dips, push-ups, squat, bench press etc.
  4. You can go for interval training also that is one of the famous ways of weight loss.

This is just an overall view of exercises or activity and you can think more than this. So you can try everything that you know. You could be thinking that this is long process than you are right and also it depends upon your dedication. If you want to use any kind of weight loss supplements or diet pills then those should be an add-on to your body not major part of your weight loss program.

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