Weight Loss Supplements: Know More

16 Apr

Weight Loss Supplements

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How weight loss attached to your physical and emotional health?

Yes, both are attached to you and you can differentiate the feeling of being fit or fat. Losing fat could be the slow process. Maximum number of American adults uses diet pills or supplements to improve weight loss by choosing the products that claims to increase metabolism, block fat absorption and decrease appetite. The most studied and researched weight loss supplements are available in market that can help during diet plan.

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Fiber
  • Calcium
  • Conjugated Linoleic acid (CLA)
  • Weight Loss Drug
  • Meal Replacements

Weight Loss Supplements: Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is loaded with healthy antioxidants and also helps in losing weight. Regular consumption can advance weight loss by adjusting extra fat cell and bringing them in usage by converting into energy. The components like theanine, caffeine and catechins of green tea has shown good effect for weight loss.

Catechins is also works as anti-inflammatory, also affects cholesterol level and fat. Scientists said that catechins in green tea not only burns calories but also lower LDL cholesterol and help reduce body fat. As per the study at least 4 cups a day is recommendation.

Weight Loss Supplements: Fiber

Fiber is one of the well-studied and researched topics in weight loss. It is general name for certain carbohydrates, found in plants and vegetable. The National Academy of Science Institute of Medicine recommends below




Under age of 50 38 grams per day
After age of 50 30 grams per day


Under age of 50 25 grams per day
After age of 50 21 grams per day
Most of the people don’t get full amount of fiber.

     We can categorize fiber in two main types, Soluble and insoluble and combined, named as total fiber. Soluble fiber shows good result in lowering cholesterol level.

Weight Loss Supplements: Calcium

From childhood you might have studied that calcium is vital for bones but also can help in weight loss. Research and studies are not concluded yet. Few results have seen for weight loss.

Weight Loss Supplements: Conjugated Linoleic acid (CLA)

 Researcher said that CLA supplements help lose weight. How and what ingredients is complicated to explain. CLA may help decreasing the amount of fat in body, however it doesn’t seem lowering BMI. There is not much evidence to show.

In Total: Weight Loss problem is not a big issue. You can achieve your dream body shape in few months according to your dedication. Reading more reviews on each supplements and knowing in details might help you choose the best for yourself.


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  1. mariewatson April 19, 2013 at 4:18 am #

    Excess weight can be a problem to the people at any age. Most of the people are looking for the weight loss supplements which are available in the market to trim their excess weight but often they confuse about which supplements to be chosen. This blog gives the clear picture about the weight loss supplements like Green tea extract, Calcium etc. Thanks for sharing such a useful information and keep going.

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