Fat Loss Supplements by Summer (Part 2)

24 Apr

Another great supplement is citrus aurantium. In this part we will see what is citrus aurantium?, What it does for us in weight loss? How much would be the intake amount? What are the side effects we may face?

Citrus Aurantium for Weight Loss

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Citrus Aurantium: This has been known as the next best thing to use after caffeine for fat loss. Those who are looking for citrus aurantium on ingredients section of a product might notice the common name of it as ‘bitter orange’. This is very much similar to ephedrine or synephrine in the form of fruit. This is an alkaloid compound named synephrine. Mostly gives good thermogenic effects that help in weight loss.

What it Does?: Synephrine is a good catalyst that promotes weight loss. It suppress appetite, boosts energy levels, increases metabolism etc. It provokes the beta 3 receptors that help in breaking down fat. Consuming citrus aurantium as juice, fruit or any other way several times or before eating will reduce the amount of food you take as meal. So less food intake means fewer calories that will cause weight loss.

The compound can also excite the metabolic process in human body. The increase of metabolism allows the body to burn more fat in short span of time. As a result it shows way to faster muscle conversion, weight loss, increase energy level and higher calorie burning than before.

It is found that alkaloid from citrus aurantium is similar to caffeine and both are beneficial to weight loss. This citrus aurantium is natural and have no side effects.

Dosage: It can be taken up to 70-100mg daily in any form like juice, fruits or pill. This can be split in three dosage before food. A synthesized pill contains 20-40mg. A glass of bitter orange contains about 27mg of synephrine.

The people with cardiovascular complications can take suggestion from their doctors for better result.

Motivation: Losing Weight is not so hard if you are determined and focused on your diet, physical activity and weight loss supplements. Every morning start with juice and get excited for the race you are going to win.

All in All: Read more on citrus Aurantium (Synephrine) for the depth knowledge on this particular weight loss supplement. More you read reviews more you will be confident on this product. Taking more amount of it may cause side effects. To stay protected and harmless, these reviews on citrus Aurantium weight loss supplement will help a lot. Before purchasing any weight loss supplements be assured of the ingredients composed in that product.


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