Glutamine Weight Loss Supplements

17 May

Glutamine Weight Loss Supplements

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Glutamine is your body’s element which is produced automatically by body; in other words it is a non-essential amino acid. Glutamine is like building block of protein helping muscle recovery. It is also an important amino acid for immune system, regulates brain function and also helpful in removing excess ammonia. Majorly skeletal muscle has glutamine and also in lungs, stomach and liver. It has two nitrogen side chain that carries nitrogen to the muscle cells. [2] It is found in natural plant and in animal protein like beef, milk, cabbage, pork, parsley and poultry. Few exhaustive exercises, excessive burn, common cold, surgery can cause depletion in serum glutamine levels, this idea led to supplementing glutamine to have positive benefits in terms of muscle recovery and maintaining lean muscle mass.

How does Glutamine Supplement Work?

Glutamine is produced in body and is distributed by the blood to the part that requires it. It helps immune system of body but essential in time of stress. It provides fuel like carbon and nitrogen to different body cells. Your body requires it to make other chemicals such as sugar (glucose) and amino acids. In case of major injury or surgery nitrogen is vital for recovery of wound and keep the organs functioning. 1/3rd of this nitrogen comes from glutamine. Some chemotherapy can decrease the level of glutamine in body.

Does Glutamine Work?

This has shown effectiveness in people with injuries if mixed with nutrition. Few evidence in keeping bacteria from going out of the intestine and affecting other parts of body after injury.

Better result in weight loss and intestinal problems. It can help gain weight and eat better for HIV/AIDS patients if taken by mouth.

Glutamine Side Effects:

It is considered as safe for adults and children if taken by mouth but major side effects are still unknown.

Precaution: People with pregnancy and breast feeding condition should avoid glutamine because there is no much evidence on this aspect. And the people who suffer with hepatic encephalopathy can face worst situation if used.

Dosage: 40 grams per day can show better result.

Final Words: The better reader can take better decision. Reading review can be the better choice to choose better weight loss supplements.


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