Weight Loss With Cucumber

29 May

Caption: Is it joke that cucumber promotes weight loss?

Weight Loss With Cucumber

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For some people it could be strange to know that cucumber helps in weight loss. This is one of the elements in weight loss supplement. Cucumber vegetable is a part of the pumpkin, squash and zucchini family. If you observe 90% of the cucumber contains water. Being low calorie food it contains necessary nutrients that can replace your heavy dinner and also can have in between meals. This behavior of cucumber promotes weight loss as well as prevents from many other diseases.

How cucumber helps?

The cucumbers function like a diuretic that helps to lose fat and also weight. Mainly it helps to cut down excess body fat cells and body fluids by breaking down fat cells. It is known as a negative calorie food. A person can always have negative calorie food to lose weight. When you eat from negative calorie that does not mean you decrease your calorie but your body burns more calories. Cucumber contains Sulphur & silicon that enhances the kidneys to clean the body from stored uric acid which is one of the hurdle in weight loss program. The kidney also plays vital role in breaking down the fat cell from the body.

Other than diuretic effect, cucumber has strong antioxidant like vitamin C, E and A that help washing out toxins. These cleansing happens in cellular level to remove fat. Cucumber can help in achieving your weight loss goal gradually.

Increased Energy Levels and Low in Calorie

Fiber is one of the reasons to reduce fat and cucumber is fiber rich food. Fiber is not only helpful in cleaning your digestive system but also increases metabolism so you could gain more energy to break more fat by engaging physical activity. Cucumber also has tartrate acid component that increases energy and helps in converting carbohydrates into energy so that body would not store energy as fat cell.

This low calorie food gives lots of benefit like 1 cup of sliced cucumber contains 13.52 calories which is very less but with high level of nutrition and water content that fill the body’s requirement. This is the reason that you can add this cucumber in to your meals or can have by making salad or else anytime. It also has alkalizing effect on body that helps restore pH level.

This piece of information is very much useful but ignorance keeps you in bondage. Reading carefully can add life to your body. So read these weight loss diet supplements and the be an obesity free and healthy person.


4 Responses to “Weight Loss With Cucumber”

  1. ashleyrivera1234 June 24, 2013 at 12:18 pm #

    This is really amazing to know that cucumber helps in weight loss. I am little fat guy but I don’t consider myself as fatty but truth is, Yes I am. I’m struggling with my belly fat from long time. You have mentioned so many technical things which I don’t understand in this post but I just want to know one thing and that is, how can I use this cucumber to decrease my belly fat? Is there any constraint for eating or can be taken as per wish?

    • avaj821 June 26, 2013 at 12:05 pm #

      Hey Ashley, in simple words Cucumber is low calorie food and full of water.
      It also contain sulfur and silicon which function as natural diuretics. These foods boost metabolism.
      You can try them in salads, sandwiches, soup etc.
      As I mentioned in above post fiber is also a helper of fat burner and that is present in cucumber.
      Not only in belly but every part of your body will be benefited.
      These are the few qualities that makes Cucumber as weight loss supplement.

  2. Linda Toril June 25, 2013 at 11:57 am #

    I do have the same issue as Ashley. I gained weight due to the post maternal effects. Really am desperate to lose weight that too naturally. It is very interesting that cucumber helps to lose weight as I have been using cucumber just for the skin care and for facial. Its functioning for weight loss is extremely good. But, like Ashley, I do have queries about its usage. How much quantity should be used for daily basis? These natural supplements are really unknown to many about its multiple uses. Also, please share the information about its quantity.

    • avaj821 June 27, 2013 at 8:38 am #

      Hello Linda, Thanks for the comment. please go through the above reply for the query. Cucumber is very useful in solving the weight issues naturally. Hope you start including in your diet program.

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