What Experts Says About Obesity

19 Jun

Overview: Now, the obesity is the major problem in different parts of the world especially in USA. Researchers searching for the solution but still they want declare it as a disease. Obesity may be the result of negligence, indiscipline in food habit or lack of physical activity due to busy schedule of work. But coming to the point, finally people are ending up struggling with obesity. This is where they start seeking different solutions like weight loss supplements, weight loss diet pills, herbal medication, food restriction and several others. But it is very much important to know before you take any further step in desperate that what the suggestion of professionals, doctors and researchers says. What is the current running medication in market?

Recent Updates on Obesity: The shocking news is recently few of the organization like American Medical Association (AMA), American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE), group of doctors and few others came together to vote for recognition of obesity as a disease. According to the reuters.com in annual meeting at Chicago, the association AMA voted for this measure. As per AMA study obesity increased doubled among adults in last 20 years and tripled among children in one generation for USA. Already world health organization, internal revenue service and U.S food and drug administration recognizes this obesity as a disease.

What Experts Says About Obesity

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Few Stats: Everyday obesity threatening American’s future. F for Fat is became dangerous word. A study from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation was released in September 2012 saying adult obesity rate exceeded 30% in 12 states of US. If the pace of obesity growth increases in this rate then adult obesity rate could exceed 60% in 13 states and by 2030 all states could have rate above 44%, which is horrible.

The reason of fear is obesity is associated with several other diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancers, type 2 diabetes etc. and this may cause increase in American’s health care costs.

What about Remedies?

The basic traditional and best remedy is suggested by AMA is to educate people about the risk and problems of being obese and overweight, nationwide. At the same time, asking insurance companies and physicians to ‘recognize obesity as a complex disorder’. Awareness is the best way to avoid something that you don’t want.

Some other remedies are like weight loss supplements which is not encouraged by drugs department but these ways of treatments still prevails in market at it’s own area. Or we can say by the demands of people these weight loss products exist today. Every weight loss supplements are not trustworthy so that is identified by reading reviews of weight loss supplements. Take advice, read review and take best decision for your health.


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