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Apples for Weight Loss

27 Jun

If you are looking for a naturally available alternative to manage your weight issues, apples fit in the top slots of your menu. Indeed, it can serve you even better if you try them accordingly. If you still doubt the ability of apples in making a person fit and slim, we have a famous quote for you.

“An Apple a Day Keeps You Away From the Doctor”

Apples are the nature’s gift to the mankind. It is filled with many advantages like low in calorie, in fat & in sodium content. It also contains the minerals, essential vitamins and most of the important fiber.

Apple For Weight Loss

So what???

The fiber present in apples helps in creating the satiety effect. Having an apple can make you feel full for a longer time. This effects your food consumption by lowering it and making you to have fewer calories than the normal. Apples are low in sodium which can be a good addition for a healthy diet. The Lower levels of sodium help to prevent the water weight in the body.

The essential vitamins in the apples are good for health and for vitality too. It helps to be energetic and in turn helps to burn more calories which aids in the weight loss. The presence of the enzymes in apples helps the body in an efficient digestion of the food particles.

Apples role in Weight Loss Program

Adding the apples in the weight loss program can benefit a lot for shedding the weight naturally. If you consume an apple before your meal or during the gap of the meal as a snack can help to ingest less calories than the usual consumption. And by taking it as a snack, you can able to get away from the bad and unhealthy junkies and fast foods.

Some More Health Benefits with Apples

There are numerous health benefits offered by consuming the apples. Generally these are rich in anti-oxidants and also a reliable source for vitamin C. These antioxidants are useful in resisting the coronary complications and the tumors in the body. Apples contain pectin, which is known for managing the cholesterol levels. Pectin when it gets dissolved in the water, forms a gel like substance that catches the cholesterol and the carbohydrates from the blood and manages the blood glucose levels.

Apple For Weight Loss

Types of Apples

There are various kinds which can be considered upon their uses. Types like Gala, Cortland, Lodi, Mollies Delicious, Jersey Mac, Jonathan are available depending upon their location and season.

Serving Tips

Always wash and scrub the apples before consuming as some wax the fruit to look shiny. Also most peel the skin and eat the internal part of the fruit but, it is not a healthy practice as the essential nutrients are packed in the skin itself. To prevent the browning of the apple, sprinkle lemon juice slightly on the surface. Hope you start including apples in your daily diet and lead a healthy life.


What Are Super Foods?

12 Jun

Consuming the healthy and nutritious foods helps for preserve the health and fitness of an individual. Super foods are said to carry surplus amount of minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and the essential nutrients that enhance the metabolism. During previous days, it was known for improving the eye sight, preventing the health hazards and in building the bones. Super foods are now also known for busting the excess weight and obesity issues. These are naturally available. There are some top super foods, which include

Berries:  They are a small package of incredible quantity of the nutrients like phytonutrients, antioxidants. They are high in fiber as well as in water quantity. The presence of low calories makes it most preferable stuff as a super food. Berries aid the balance of blood glucose levels and for satiety. Blue berries are well known for their presence of antioxidants. They are usually preferred for salads.

Kiwis: It is full of antioxidants and nutrients. It is a well-known fact that one large kiwi can source Vitamin C for a person’s daily requirement. It is also a source of vitamins A & E, Potassium and fiber. It can be enjoyed with desserts and salads.

Super Foods

Beans: Beans are known for protecting the heart and are loaded with the high fiber content. It is also a reliable source of proteins, carbohydrates, magnesium and potassium. Beans can also consider being a substitute for the meat.

Eggs: Besides being economical, they are high in protein and nutritious value. Eggs include necessary minerals, 12 vitamins. It also comprises choline which is vital for the memory and development of intelligence.

Fish: Presence of Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins make this to be included in the list of super foods. Omega-3 fatty acids aren’t produced by the human body but play vital role in the growth and development of the brain. Two servings of wild salmon a week can protect the heart. It can also protect from the risk of strokes, cancer, arthritis and diabetes.

Nuts: Though they are with high fat content, when taken in small portions, are very useful for the health due to the presence of proteins, heart-healthy fats, being high in fiber and antioxidant content, they are known as super foods. They can be tried alone or with salads, baked foods etc.

Avocados: It is also a high source of fat but contains the mono unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA’s) reduce the risk of exposing to cardiac, diabetes and tumor issues. Also these are an excellent source of fiber and lutein, necessary for good health eye and skin.

Kola Nut for Weight Loss

4 Jun

The kola nuts found in African country’s plants more. In that country kola nut was widely used as source of carbonated sodas and caffeine. According to different healthline report Coca-Cola Co still makes use of kola nuts as one of the ingredients in few of their products. This plant is no majorly used for dietary supplements in weight loss.

Kola Nut for Weight Loss

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Recently, I realized that most of the Africans have never seen a kola nut. Because being in United States it’s obvious for a person to use all extracted products and neatly packed. All most everything around here is processed, cleaned, extracted and neatly packed in bottles or any vessels.

Benefits on Weight Loss and Appetite Suppression

Few of the sources reported that kola nut contains ingredients that acts in central nervous system for appetite suppressant, enhances the digestion and weight loss, and has been used for migraine headaches. One article from Livestronge said that kola nut enhances metabolism, suppresses appetite and boosts energy that can help with exercise and in general weight loss programs. It has bitter taste and good source of antioxidant. Also l-epicatechin, kolatin, phlobaphens, protein, theobromine, d-catechin, theophylline, tannic acid chemically etc. It is also acts similar to guarana, and tea leaves. In chemical form nitroso and carcinogenic also exist in kola nuts. It also promotes concentration, healthy digestion, fights hunger cravings. In one part of Africa kola nut is common to chew, there oral cancer and gastrointestinal cancer has been found in high level.

This kola nut may be beneficial to people with loss of stamina and chronic fatigue. Because caffeine content is high, it is used with caution. Here caffeine acts as bronchodilator and that helps in treatment of bronchitis and asthma. It often found in natural weight loss supplements and enhances physical endurance.

Note: As said kola nut is high in caffeine. The normal dose/consumption has more caffeine than a coffee cup. Pregnant women should avoid using kola nut, the people with heart disease or individuals getting nursed for other diseases and having trouble sleeping also should avoid kola nut and other caffeine rich herbs.

Kola nut is nature’s gift to human if properly used. It replaces few expensive items like creams, pills, coffee etc. This is always advised to read review of any product claims to be healthy. No matter how much guarantee they give 1st read the review and then find the positive and negative of that product like here kola nut. Guarantees can’t revert your health.

Weight Loss With Cucumber

29 May

Caption: Is it joke that cucumber promotes weight loss?

Weight Loss With Cucumber

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For some people it could be strange to know that cucumber helps in weight loss. This is one of the elements in weight loss supplement. Cucumber vegetable is a part of the pumpkin, squash and zucchini family. If you observe 90% of the cucumber contains water. Being low calorie food it contains necessary nutrients that can replace your heavy dinner and also can have in between meals. This behavior of cucumber promotes weight loss as well as prevents from many other diseases.

How cucumber helps?

The cucumbers function like a diuretic that helps to lose fat and also weight. Mainly it helps to cut down excess body fat cells and body fluids by breaking down fat cells. It is known as a negative calorie food. A person can always have negative calorie food to lose weight. When you eat from negative calorie that does not mean you decrease your calorie but your body burns more calories. Cucumber contains Sulphur & silicon that enhances the kidneys to clean the body from stored uric acid which is one of the hurdle in weight loss program. The kidney also plays vital role in breaking down the fat cell from the body.

Other than diuretic effect, cucumber has strong antioxidant like vitamin C, E and A that help washing out toxins. These cleansing happens in cellular level to remove fat. Cucumber can help in achieving your weight loss goal gradually.

Increased Energy Levels and Low in Calorie

Fiber is one of the reasons to reduce fat and cucumber is fiber rich food. Fiber is not only helpful in cleaning your digestive system but also increases metabolism so you could gain more energy to break more fat by engaging physical activity. Cucumber also has tartrate acid component that increases energy and helps in converting carbohydrates into energy so that body would not store energy as fat cell.

This low calorie food gives lots of benefit like 1 cup of sliced cucumber contains 13.52 calories which is very less but with high level of nutrition and water content that fill the body’s requirement. This is the reason that you can add this cucumber in to your meals or can have by making salad or else anytime. It also has alkalizing effect on body that helps restore pH level.

This piece of information is very much useful but ignorance keeps you in bondage. Reading carefully can add life to your body. So read these weight loss diet supplements and the be an obesity free and healthy person.

Iron Weight Loss Supplements

27 May

You might be thinking what iron can do for me to lose weight? So for your question answer is “yes iron plays vital role in your body”.  Then next question arises is How? So, get ready now read an Iron rich article which can be a good tip for your weight loss plan.

Iron Weight Loss Supplements

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If you read or ask anybody for weight loss then two suggestion that come out of every mouth is eat less means consume less calorie and do physical exercise more means burn calorie more. While thinking on these two aspects if you consider iron then both the suggestion contradicts each other. Then what could be the solution? Yes, your body demands iron. When you eat less than your intake of iron becomes less and that is one of the reasons for your weakness. It is very much difficult to exercise or burn more calorie without having energy which stops you from your weight loss success plan.

Lose Weight but Not Iron

When you eat less, your body fall short of essential nutrients and iron is one among them. While coming to natural dietary foods like green vegetables, whole grains, nuts etc. are rich food for iron and efficiently absorbed by body. Meat, fish and other non-veg. are the other sources of iron. But body absorbs only half of the iron from these sources. Iron deficiency can be caused by regular and consistent exercise. E.g. the physical activities like long distance running, cycling and working with heavy equipment in gym can demand iron much more than 30%. Iron Weight Loss Supplements is the can be a helpful asset in this case.

Energy Gain by Iron for Weight Loss

One of the source says more than 20% of Americans are living with insufficient iron. To help your muscles burn fat, red blood cells spreads oxygen throughout the body and also helps lungs to function perfectly. For energy production iron is very much important with the enzymes. While dieting it is good to ensure that you get enough iron through foods or supplements.

Few studies of researchers found relation between increased BMI and iron deficiency in women. E.g. 1% of iron deficiency leads to an average of 0.1% of BMI increase.

The good news is iron weight loss supplements are available in market that can help you come out of weakness. Sustainability in gym exercise or running for long time can be possible with these supplements. How to eat and how much is best for me are the questions that should be solved by your GP or doctors. After a test only you can know how much is required in your body. So gaining more iron and gaining strength is very much important.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Weight Loss Supplements

21 May

Omega-3 fatty acid a polyunsaturated fatty acid whose carbon chain has its first double valence bond three carbons from the beginning. (Source:

Omega-3 fatty acid refers to a group of three fats ALA, EPA and DHA. Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for normal metabolism. (Source: Wikipedia)

Sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Most of the sources of fatty acids are Fish, Fish Oil, Krill, Plant sources, Eggs, Meat, Mammalian brains and eyes, Seal oil, Schizochytrium and microalgae crypthecodinium cohnii are the rich sources of fatty acids.

Recently several companies have lunched foods with omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Omega-3 fatty acids fortified pizza, orange juice, milk, eggs, bread, mayonnaise, yogurt, popcorn, children’s pasta etc.

EPA – Eicosapentaenoic Acid

DHA – Docosahexaenoic Acid

ALA – Alpha-linoleic Acid

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Weight Loss Supplements

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FISH: fish like salmon, swordfish, shark, salmon, mackerel etc. These fish are found in deep sea.

How Omega-3 Fatty Acid helps for Weight Loss: These are the few statistics that is recommended by popular diet planner

  • According to USDA Food Guide Pyramid 1 to 3 grams of omega-3 daily.
  • According to Ornish plan 1 gram or less than 1 gram per day.
  • According to Zone diet 3 to 4 grams per day is recommended.
  • Research says Omega-3 is vital for obese people in terms of losing weight as well as controlling other effects of obesity.
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps in reducing insulin resistance
  • Enhances glucose sensitivity
  • It speeds up fat oxidation in liver

All these points explain that if you chose to include some fat in your diet then choosing omega-3 fatty acid is far better than that of food with saturated fats for weight management. Overall the goal for your weight loss could be benefited by adapting food contains unsaturated fat than beef or food with saturated fat.

Also people like vegetarian can have food like leafy green vegetables, vegetable oils e.g. soybean, canola and flaxseed, seeds like nuts and walnuts etc.

Other benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

  • Maintain lower blood pressure
  • Reduces risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Reduces inflammation and risk of arthritis
  • Lowers triglycerides

Final Words: Although Omega-3 fatty acids are more beneficial in other aspect than weight loss but we can’t ignore the effects of it in weight loss. The reviews on Omega-3 fatty acids weight loss supplements could give you more information in this regards so it’s better to read more and more weight loss supplements reviews. The more information, the better decision will be. By selecting omega-3 we can get benefited in maximum number of aspects.

Glutamine Weight Loss Supplements

17 May

Glutamine Weight Loss Supplements

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Glutamine is your body’s element which is produced automatically by body; in other words it is a non-essential amino acid. Glutamine is like building block of protein helping muscle recovery. It is also an important amino acid for immune system, regulates brain function and also helpful in removing excess ammonia. Majorly skeletal muscle has glutamine and also in lungs, stomach and liver. It has two nitrogen side chain that carries nitrogen to the muscle cells. [2] It is found in natural plant and in animal protein like beef, milk, cabbage, pork, parsley and poultry. Few exhaustive exercises, excessive burn, common cold, surgery can cause depletion in serum glutamine levels, this idea led to supplementing glutamine to have positive benefits in terms of muscle recovery and maintaining lean muscle mass.

How does Glutamine Supplement Work?

Glutamine is produced in body and is distributed by the blood to the part that requires it. It helps immune system of body but essential in time of stress. It provides fuel like carbon and nitrogen to different body cells. Your body requires it to make other chemicals such as sugar (glucose) and amino acids. In case of major injury or surgery nitrogen is vital for recovery of wound and keep the organs functioning. 1/3rd of this nitrogen comes from glutamine. Some chemotherapy can decrease the level of glutamine in body.

Does Glutamine Work?

This has shown effectiveness in people with injuries if mixed with nutrition. Few evidence in keeping bacteria from going out of the intestine and affecting other parts of body after injury.

Better result in weight loss and intestinal problems. It can help gain weight and eat better for HIV/AIDS patients if taken by mouth.

Glutamine Side Effects:

It is considered as safe for adults and children if taken by mouth but major side effects are still unknown.

Precaution: People with pregnancy and breast feeding condition should avoid glutamine because there is no much evidence on this aspect. And the people who suffer with hepatic encephalopathy can face worst situation if used.

Dosage: 40 grams per day can show better result.

Final Words: The better reader can take better decision. Reading review can be the better choice to choose better weight loss supplements.

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