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Weight Loss Myths (Part 2)

6 Mar

Myth: Is Skipping of meals, a good path for weight loss

Truth: Many studies show that people who regularly skip the breakfast and eat less frequently during the day are too much heavier than individuals who have healthy and nutritious breakfast tend to eat 4-6 small meals throughout the day. The reason could be that they are hungry during the day, and tend to eat at other meals, too much.



Myth: We should give-up the favorite foods for weight loss

 Truth: What would be like a world without chocolate without pepperoni pizza? I think that would be an unlawful world today live in a real note I totally agree with this myth. A person is certainly in a position to eat his favorite food. To deny this kind of fun is not fun, and to be honest, you probably eat anyway. As already mentioned, is the real key moderation. If you are a meat lover, then it cannot eat the best things every day, but maybe once or twice a week. We generally love the chicken wings with pizza. In a perfect world, we would not take all of our arteries are clogged; we love to eat more than once a week, every day. However, we know there are healthier food options, about 2-3 times per month. We should not give our favorite foods; we can have in moderation, but definitely not for being overweight.


Myth: I cannot, I tried several times

 Truth: The great Henry Ford said. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t- you’re right“, this mentality is 90% and 10% actually reduce your butt and do something. You fall back again. If you have tried to lose weight in order to have in the past, then it’s time to keep trying. Discouragement is to lose weight is a piece of fried chicken for a vegetarian…… They do not mix.

Possibility of Weight Loss with Eating Less

Portion control and management is the two starter’s key to maintaining a healthy weight. The best way to check to see parts easily to your daily diet! On average, must be 60% ​​of the plate in fruit and vegetables, 20% carbohydrates and 20% protein. This can be, depending on age, season, activity and other factors.

  •  Increase consumption of foods and reduce the insatiable intake of refined carbohydrates (white carbohydrates). Insatiable foods are those rich in healthy fats and fiber. Refined carbohydrates such as sweets give you a quick burst of energy and make you feel tired and hungry.
  •  Exercise your body not to eat between meals and put in an application menu. Note that if you are hungry jet lag times when I usually eat at home. This is because the body remembers what you eat to digest at certain times to prepare. Embark on a meal three times a day; no snacks should have about the same amount of time to get the jet lag of a few days up to a week. Most adults have a relatively sedentary lifestyle, that insatiable need for snacks if they had decent meals.

Weight Loss Myths (Part 1)

6 Mar

Weight Loss Myths

A major concern of the fitness of the current generation is obesity. Most people make great efforts to reduce their excess weight to a standard level. In the course of time, various kinds of exercises have been developed. They are part of the routine training for many people. However, there are myths associated with the weight loss. We present you the answers to weight loss myths.

Myth: Reduction of the fat content in the diet helps in weight loss

Truth: Fat is important for any diet and should consist of 15-30% of daily caloric intake. That is, it is important to give your body the best fats (unsaturated fats: monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, such as Omega 3 and 6), take less saturated fats (animal fats like meat and dairy products) and avoid Trans fats (in many packaged bakery foods). Fat are important for many functions in the human body, since the body of each cell membrane is made using them, also plays an essential role in many bodily functions such as, For the absorption of fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) The Mediterranean diet is known for its healing qualities and virtues of healthy body weight is a perfect example. Fat is has just 25-35% of calories which we take, only 8% saturated (milk and meat); the rest comes from olive oil and other vegetable sources.


Myth: Reduce the carbohydrates usagelies-truth2

Truth: Why are they important? Carbohydrates play very crucial functions in the human body. Among others, they are the main source of energy in the body and the only source of energy for many important cells such as neurons and red blood cells. The excessive consumption of carbohydrates change into fat, so that on average an adult should board up only 20% of whole grains and starchy vegetables, or the rest of the vegetables, fruits, proteins and fats.
The most important of all is the type of carbohydrates you choose. The reasons for this food group has a bad reputation that devastate chosen incorrectly, the level of sugar in your blood and make you crave more food to fill more sustainable and provide nutrients and energy you need is. What are the best? Choose complex carbohydrates such as whole grains instead of carbohydrates “white” or refined (white rice, white bread, white pasta …)

Myth: Using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar

 Truth: Have you heard that sugar makes you gain weight so be sure to drink Diet Coke instead of the original, put sweetener in coffee and enjoy cookies without sugar.
Besides the fact that there is not much research on the safety of artificial sweeteners, aspartame and saccharin consumption, such as sugar, addictive, and wreak havoc on our blood sugar levels, Ironically, diet drinks were also associated with obesity and overeating.
There is a lot of research that links diet drinks cause weight gain. The theory is that because the drink with no sugar contains no calories, sweet taste signals to the brain to expect food and calories, and because they may not realize that the body begins to want more food and calories. Another explanation is that the consumption of large amounts of sugar numbs the taste buds, so that it makes us want to high-calorie foods.

Myth: Stress and weight issues are not interrelated

Truth:  The stress and weight issues are inter-related. When the results of a study are analyzed, an individual when feels stress, tends to eat more. This is also a cause for weight gain.

Myth: Does Physical education classes help kids in losing weight ?

Truth: Physical education is not sufficient to help you lose weight for children in different schools. However, it is true that when the children participate in physical activities, so they can combat obesity and reduce the significant amount of weight. However, the number of physical education classes is not really good, because they provide physical activity for children. Simply they participate in an activity.

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