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Apples for Weight Loss

27 Jun

If you are looking for a naturally available alternative to manage your weight issues, apples fit in the top slots of your menu. Indeed, it can serve you even better if you try them accordingly. If you still doubt the ability of apples in making a person fit and slim, we have a famous quote for you.

“An Apple a Day Keeps You Away From the Doctor”

Apples are the nature’s gift to the mankind. It is filled with many advantages like low in calorie, in fat & in sodium content. It also contains the minerals, essential vitamins and most of the important fiber.

Apple For Weight Loss

So what???

The fiber present in apples helps in creating the satiety effect. Having an apple can make you feel full for a longer time. This effects your food consumption by lowering it and making you to have fewer calories than the normal. Apples are low in sodium which can be a good addition for a healthy diet. The Lower levels of sodium help to prevent the water weight in the body.

The essential vitamins in the apples are good for health and for vitality too. It helps to be energetic and in turn helps to burn more calories which aids in the weight loss. The presence of the enzymes in apples helps the body in an efficient digestion of the food particles.

Apples role in Weight Loss Program

Adding the apples in the weight loss program can benefit a lot for shedding the weight naturally. If you consume an apple before your meal or during the gap of the meal as a snack can help to ingest less calories than the usual consumption. And by taking it as a snack, you can able to get away from the bad and unhealthy junkies and fast foods.

Some More Health Benefits with Apples

There are numerous health benefits offered by consuming the apples. Generally these are rich in anti-oxidants and also a reliable source for vitamin C. These antioxidants are useful in resisting the coronary complications and the tumors in the body. Apples contain pectin, which is known for managing the cholesterol levels. Pectin when it gets dissolved in the water, forms a gel like substance that catches the cholesterol and the carbohydrates from the blood and manages the blood glucose levels.

Apple For Weight Loss

Types of Apples

There are various kinds which can be considered upon their uses. Types like Gala, Cortland, Lodi, Mollies Delicious, Jersey Mac, Jonathan are available depending upon their location and season.

Serving Tips

Always wash and scrub the apples before consuming as some wax the fruit to look shiny. Also most peel the skin and eat the internal part of the fruit but, it is not a healthy practice as the essential nutrients are packed in the skin itself. To prevent the browning of the apple, sprinkle lemon juice slightly on the surface. Hope you start including apples in your daily diet and lead a healthy life.

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